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Welcome to Team Finley Racing
The Team Finley Racing "JR FUEL" Nostalgia Dragster is Driven by Ryan Finley (19), an 8 year veteran jr drag racer and NHRA Division 5 champion.

Our 2005 tour schedule (below) is subject to change and additional appearances. check back often for updates.

Thank you for visiting Team Finley Racing, we hope you enjoy your stay!
TFRacing dragster 2006 Tour Schedule

Next event:

The NITRO NATIONALS Tulsa Int'l Raceway park.


Engines by HRE Racing Engines
HRE/Hutson Racing Engine in Muskogee Oklahoma is the official engine supplier for the TFRacing A/Nostalgia Dragster.
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*Track Owners/managers can contact us by email or directly at EARADIO for information on TFRacing Track-Pak Packages designed to connect your fans (and racers) to the tower and make money for your concessions/store.


HRE Hutson Racing Engines, 3000 S Cherokee Street
Muskogee Oklahoma USA (918) 682-8611

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Klotz Lubricants
for considering team finley racing for 2006 and beyond.
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Team Finley Racing A/Nostalgia Dragster